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TPM - WAAT Transnational Project Meetings

3nrd face-to-face TPM in Foligno, Italy

April 25th to 28th, 2022

The meeting took place at the premises of EGInA in Foligno.

The main purpose of the meeting was to bring the project to an end and to discuss how to guarantee the sustainability of the activities carried out. We worked in groups on the following topics:

  • How do we ensure that the project's results will remain available and be used by others?
  • What are the activities and results that will be maintained after the end of the EU funding, and how will we ensure the resources needed to sustain them?
  • How did the project contribute to the achievement of the most relevant priorities as indicated in the description section?

In the late afternoon we went for the Treasure Hunt “Discovering the Cultural Heritage of Foligno” organised by the host. It was an interactive way to see the city of Foligno and also to gain knowledge of how cultural heritage can be presented in a playful manner.

On the next day we participated in the multiplier event organised by the Italian partner EGInA. During the program, all of us (each partner) had the opportunity to show one of the videos created according to our guidelines, and to share the experiences we had gained in creating the products of the WAAT project.



2nd face-to-face TPM in Plungė, Lithuania

March 7th to 10th, 2022

The meeting took place at Plungė Public Library.

Firstly, partners reviewed the WAAT platform and discussed questions and suggestions for its improvement. Many of the videos to be shot have already been uploaded on the project platform, see www.waatproject.eu.

Secondly, partners discussed the upcoming multiplier events. Foreseen dates for the events are: April 1st Croatia, 4th Spain, 8th Austria and Lithuania, 21st Netherlands, 27th Italy.

Thirdly, each partner presented its dissemination progress. All countries disseminated within similar channels (social media, newsletters, articles, various events, face-to-face with partners and stakeholders at local/regional/national levels). Because of the different background, partners’ stakeholders differ, but reach all necessary target groups.

The meeting was rounded off with a visit to the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lithuania.

 Group Plunge


1st face-to-face Transnational Project Meeting in Graz, Austria

December 13th to 15th, 2021

The meeting took place at Hotel Mercure in Graz, Austria.

On the first day of the meeting the presentation of the Guide for Educators (IO1) and the proper integration of infographics has been discussed. Afterwards the project platform (IO2) has been presented and partners tried out the new features.

On the second day partners presented their work with stakeholders, especially within local meetings. Then project management and implementation topics have been dealt with (impact of the project, dissemination, multiplier events, next steps).

It was a very fruitful meeting, however, social events had to be cancelled due to the lockdown because of COVID-19.

 Group Graz



LTTA - WAAT Learning, Teaching and Training Activities


2nd LTTA

WAAT training in Zagreb, Croatia, from 28th September to 1st October, 2021

Training in production of digital stories on heritage - values and narratives

Brief Report about the LTTA:

The goal of this training activity was to learn more about digital story making. Through the training, the participants learned principles of video creation (aesthetics, design, artistic expression, use of media technologies and tools in visual communication). The Guide for Educators developed so far was adapted according to the learning experiences made.

Course content
•    Understanding basic elements of film production.
•    Learning how to write a script, how to shoot and light a film, how to record sound for filming, how to create film titles and animations, as well as how to edit a film.
•    Exploring the resources for filming available on the web.
•    Understanding standards and copyright issues related to film production.
•    Testing the “Guide for Educators” as drafted so far.

The program was led by assistant professor Mirko Duić, from the Deportment of information studies from the University of Zadar.



 1st LTTA

ONLINE on April 6-8, 2021


Brief Report about the LTTA

Please visit the website of our project partner QUIOSQ - HERE you can find a report and hints for further reading.



Videos produced during the LTTA

You can find Videos which have been produced during the LTTA by the project partners on YouTube



Description of the LTTA

WAAT project‘s first Learning, Teaching, Training Activity is organized online

Sharing is learning

Ongoing KA204 – Strategic Partnership for adult education Project „We are all together to raise awareness“ (WAAT) will provide for knowledge and skills to produce short films which are used to educate adults about the values of cultural heritage in different European countries. Six organizations with professionals working in culture, heritage management, adult education, and research institutions gather together: Plungė Public Library (lead partner, Lithuania), Quiosq (The Netherlands) ICARUS HRVATSKA (Croatia), EGInA SRL (Italy), The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz (Austria), and Centro de Educación de Adultos de Olmedo (Spain). They are creating two Intelectuall outputs during the Project: 1. How creatively to represent heritage (guidelines); 2. Digital platform to produce Digital movies on the topic of heritage.

In order to develop efficient Project material (IOs) one of the strong, experienced partner Quiosq (www.quiosq.eu(link is external)) is arranging the WAAT project‘s first International Learning teaching training activity ONLINE on April 6-8, 2021. They have years of extensive experience in the museum and heritage sector, therefore they prepared an intense and well-thought-out program in that field.

The training will address the following topics in short, introductory lectures, that will be followed by discussion, examples, and practical exercises:

- The difference between an information-oriented and significance-oriented understanding of heritage, and the implications of these views.

- Making heritage tangible by means of experiences and narratives.

- The systematic valuation of heritage and inquisitive methods that fit these different views on heritage.

- The role of museum professionals in establishing frames of values, and making these explicit.

- The way in which video can be used to promote and support a dynamic and (multi-vocal) understanding of heritage as an ongoing discussion of identity.

Course Objectives

- Formulating the lasting positive effects of the project on society.

- Understanding different views on heritage in relation to these goals.

- Exploring the strength of a relational and open-ended perception of heritage.

- Understanding your own role in heritage formation.

- Defining criteria for video output based on the project goals.

- Prepare the next step in the creation of templates for videos that follow these criteria.

Training is provided to all Project partners, 4 staff members per partner, they are all looking forward to this training and willing to share received knowledge with the world and use it for their developing material throughout the WAAT project.


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