WAAT filming

Filming of digital stories on heritage

We are currently filming digital stories in all WAAT partner countries for our main target group adult educators and learners, be it about tangible, intangible, digital or natural heritage.

In Austria we have already filmed three short videos, the first one at Eggenberg Palace in Graz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We went through the 24 rooms of the palace that, as a peculiarity, have remained almost unchanged since the 18th century. Furthermore, filming took place at the Styrian Centre for Folk Music, where we recorded Austrian folk songs. The third location for filming was the Southern Styria Nature Park, a lovely area with picturesque vinyards displayed in lovely autumn colours.







WAAT project start


New project started in December 2020!


Pre-Kick-Off online meeting : 16. December 2020

Kick-Off online meeting : 2. February 2021


WAAT - we are all together to raise awareness of cultural heritage - aims to develop new learning system, and digital platform with short films, that raise awareness of 4 aspects of cultural heritage.


1. TO MOTIVATE creativity in thinking by professionals about cultural heritage (intangible, tangible, digital, nature).
2. TO DEVELOP new material for adult educators and learners on raising awareness and connecting people on the subject of cultural heritage.
3. TO REVEAL uniquely 4 aspects of cultural heritage throughout making digital stories/short films.
4. TO IMPLEMENT specific training on technical and creative aspects and to build a high-quality toolkit during the project.
5. TO PROMOTE the cultural heritage of different European countries throughout the integrated learning system created during the project.



Professionals working in:
- culture, more specific cultural heritage management;
- research institutions on heritage;
- adult educators in heritage institutions;
- staff of galleries, libraries, archives, and museums;
- other relevant groups working in the dissemination of information about cultural heritage.